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Dear Yuletide Santa (2012)

Dear Yuletide Santa:

Thank you so much for writing for me! It is a special sort of delight to have a story written with me in mind, and I'm glad you're here to do so. Have fun with this, and I know I will enjoy whatever you create!

Here's a little something about my general likes and dislikes:

I love quirky stories with witty dialogue. I think strong female agency, queer representation, and POC representation are all parts of a balanced (read: good) fic. All characters are created equal.

I love to laugh. I like to look at established stories in a different way, either by tweaking a detail to spin the universe out in a new direction or by telling the story from an overlooked perspective. Or both.

In the realm of things I do not like: essentially, I do not like characters that don't act like themselves. I find it very difficult to suspend disbelief and enjoy a fic when the characters aren't acting or speaking like themselves.

Here are my requests again, possibly with further expansion:

Mostly, I just want a story about Abed being Abed, and trying to relate to the disparate members of the Study Group and their hangers-on (Pelton, Chang, etc.). He is the best part and the heart of Community for me.

My other favorite thing about Community is how meta it is - I love the self-conscious references to television conventions - well, not just television conventions anymore! Video games too... narrative conventions, period.

Bonus delights would include: Troy & Abed best-friendship, weird almost Britta/Troy moments, Inspector Spacetime, the return of Alex (née Starburns), and all the characters being uniquely horrible in their hilarious ways.

Among my favorite Community episodes have been "Remedial Chaos Theory," "Modern Warfare," and "Epidemiology," "Documentary Filmmaking: Redux," and "Digital Estate Planning."

I just recently fell in love with this show and ran through S1 in a very short period of time. I also fell hard into being an Emily/Nolan shipper. Her and Jack? Please. He's just a symbol to her of some lost idyllic time before everything became betrayal and sharp edges. Her and Daniel? For all that she developed some feelings for him, he's never going to pierce the innermost sanctum of her heart. But Nolan! Her partner in crime, always there for her, giving what he can to keep both his promises to her father and to her with her hellbent revengey ways? Well, my shipper heart bleeds for the unlikely pairing.

So, uhm. Dear Yuletide writer. If this is the assignment you fall upon, I'd love something where Emily/Nolan happens.

Swordspoint Series - Ellen Kushner
These books are amazing. The balance of wit and politics and women and swords and complicated relationships is almost too delicious for words. The relationship between Alec and Richard is the most bittersweet, and I find it painfully lovely how the latter years of that relationship have unfolded for us through glimpses from outside parties. I'd love to learn more about their lives together on the island among the red clover and honey, before "The Man with the Knives."

On the other hand, my love for Katherine is also fierce and I'd love to see her in her young glory as Tremontaine after Alec and Richard have left the city. Particularly if that involves romantic discovery with a more sober but still joyful Artemisia.

Note: I haven't read The Fall of the Kings yet, nor the story of how Alec and Richard met, so bald references to either would be spoilers for me.

The Sandman
My favorite siblings of the Endless are Dream (Morpheus), Death, and Delirium, though I find something compelling about the entire family. Yes, even Despair. My favorite sorts of Sandman stories are the ones where the siblings are more fringe elements - sort of the tapestry upon which the story unfolds. I like them winding through, behind the scenes, calling in lines from the corners or traipsing through the story at just the right moment to tweak it a certain way, reveal a truth, or call the players home.

I should as well add that I love crossovers, and think they work particularly well where the Endless are involved. Should this strike your writer-fancy, here are some of my other favorite fandoms that might lend themselves well: Pushing Daisies, Revenge, Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, Warehouse 13, and I'll just stop there.

And that's all I've got, dear Yuletide Santa. Once again, thank you, and I hope you have a blast!
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