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"She's such a fucking disaster-- we could be twins!" [A True Blood Picspam]

Before tonight's episode, I thought it might be fun to step back and enjoy the FULL-ON DOUBLE RAINBOW that is the fucked-upness of the courtship of Tara Thornton by Franklin Mott.

I'm not saying that Franklin is coming back... just pointing out that he didn't turn into a disgusting fountain of blood.

I'm not saying that Tara is in a world of trouble... just pointing out that now Franklin has the capability of tracking her, divining her emotions, and she now has bonus!forced sexual attraction to deal with.

There is no way in which this picspam is dial-up friendly. Also, this totally breaks my Livejournal style, but I don't have time to fix it right now. If you'd like to read it in an unbroken style, you can view it at Dreamwidth.

Thanks to deny1984 at midnight_road for the caps!

"Makes one of us."

Franklin: "Busy night? the only waitress?"
Tara: "Actually, I'm a bartender and I ain't working tonight."
Franklin: "Then what are you doing here?"
Tara: "Honestly? Trying not to kill myself."
Franklin: "And how's that going for you?"
Tara: "Well, I'm still alive."
Franklin: "Makes one of us. You got any of those Tru Bloods?"
Tara: "We only got the B+ and the microwave's busted. You a friend of Bill Compton's?"
Franklin: "No. You?"
Tara: "Not really."

"Apologize to the lady."

Redneck One: "This is where it happened, dude. Andy done put that serial-killin' $%@#&* down right here. Oh shit, hey! ... Shit! It's the freak's girlfriend!"
Tara: "His name was Eggs, you racist piece of shit!"
Redneck Two: "You're the one that went and fucked a killer, bitch!"
Franklin: "Apologize to the lady. "
Redneck One: "Serial-killer not enough for you, now you gotta go and a fuck a goddamn vamper too?"
Franklin: "I said, apologize to the lady."
Redneck One: "Fuck you."

"You lost yourself to the void."

Tara: "Oh! Go ahead! Bite me! Fuckin' do it! What the hell? I said you could bite me."
Franklin: "No."
Tara: "Why not?"
Franklin: "Because you want me to."

* * *

Tara: "Oh my God. What the hell just happened?"
Franklin: "You lost yourself to the void. I'd claim it was a gift, but mostly it's common to most vampires."
Tara: "I n- I never do this."
Franklin: "What, one night stands? Cheap motels? Vampires?"
Tara: "None of it. No offense. Actually, the cheap motel, yes. But only once! Come to think of it, why do you need a motel room? Don't y'all sleep in the ground?"
Franklin: "It's nice to have a place to share. To shave. And ravage you."
Tara: "Fuck. Did this all happen because we beat the crap out of a couple of rednecks tonight?"
Franklin: "You did. You woulda killed them if I hadn't stopped you."
Tara: "I wanted to."
Franklin: "Where does all that come from?"
Tara: "Nope. You don't wanna poke that."
Franklin: "I'm entitled to a little bit of curiosity. I hardly know a thing about you. I don't know if you have a husband or a boyfriend."
Tara: "Uhm, listen, this was great and all - okay, mind-blowin' - but let's not make it into something that it wasn't. Just, take me home."
Franklin: "Can I at least ask your name?"
Tara: "Oh, even better, I - I'll walk."
Franklin: "My name is Franklin."
Tara: "Please give it up! Knowing my name isn't going to make you feel any less dirty, or me any less -- Thanks, Franklin."

"Not gonna happen."

Sookie: "Tara."
Tara: "Sook. You sound awful."
Sookie: "Bill... broke up with me."
Tara: "Oh my God, what an asshole. Tell me where you are, I'm coming to get you."
Sookie: "No, I just need to cry my eyes out for about a week."
Tara: "What you need is your best friend. Right now. Give me your address."
Sookie: "After all you've been through? I don't want you gettin' mixed up in my mess."
Tara: "You do it for me. I'm gettin' in the car right now. Address."
Sookie: "I'm exhausted. I'll call you tomorrow, I promise."
Tara: "Sookie! ... What do you want from Sookie?"
Franklin: "Oh, you should be more concerned with what I want from you."
Tara: "Let me go!"
Franklin: "Not gonna happen."

"If there's one thing that I miss more than sunshine, it is good fruit."

Franklin: "Nothing. My employer's interested in them. Him mostly."
Tara: "That where we're goin'? To your employer?"
Franklin: "Slappy's snack shack! Five miles. Persimmons and cherries. If there's one thing that I miss more than sunshine, it is good fruit."
Tara: "Where are you taking me?"
Franklin: "Now here I am, trying to make pleasant conversation and you want to ruin all my surprises."
Tara: "There ain't nothing pleasant about being bitten and tied up!"
Franklin: "You're tough. I can taste it in your blood. I'm not a bad guy, Tara. I just want to make sure that we have a chance."
Tara: "Untie my hands. I'll give you whatever chance you want."
Franklin: "Are you like this with your other boyfriends?"
Tara: "This is kidnappin'!"
Franklin: "This is opportunity. My job supports my financial needs. My emotional ones - it's just there's so much I want to tell you."
Tara: "Then tell me where we're goin'!"
Franklin: "I've been so lonely. But now you're mine? All that's changed."

"It's skinny."

Talbot: "No. No no no. Not you!"
Franklin: "Russell's expecting me."
Talbot: "He's out. He'll be a while."
Franklin: "We'll wait."
Talbot: "Is this for me? It's skinny."

"Hey, Tara, watch how fast I type 'motherfucker.'"

Franklin: "Do you like your new gown?"
Tara: "Oh. Yes."
Franklin: "I picked it out especially for my lover."
Tara: "Thank you so much."
Franklin: "Even when I'm away from you, I can feel your flesh molded to me. That's how close we are now."
Tara: "That's really sweet."
Franklin: "I know. I almost forgot! You have a text message. 'Bitch, where are you?' You said no boyfriends. Who is he? Who's Lafayette? I'll rip your throat out!"
Tara: "He's my cousin! And he's -- and he's gay!"
Franklin: "Oh. Well, how do I get rid of him? How about, uhm, 'I'm busy, bitch'? No, 'bitch,' 'you are a bitch,' too many bitches. Hooker? In his other messages, he calls you 'hooker.'
Hoo-ker. Not hoo-kah, that's a water-pipe."
Tara: "T-t-tell him I'm okay. Say 'trust me, motherfucker.'"
Franklin: "'Trust me, motherfucker,' brilliant! Hey, Tara, watch how fast I type 'motherfucker'. It's cool, right?"
Tara: "Yeah. Amazin'."
Franklin: "I'll delete it, so you can watch again. Look! Look at me! Love you."

"I feel like I've been staked."

Franklin: "WHY? Tara, why?"
Tara: "I - I was afraid?!"
Franklin: "Of me? You were afraid of me? That's insane!"
Tara: "But you tie me up!"
Franklin: "To keep you safe. Oh my God, what other reason could there be? ... You have no idea how much you've hurt me! I feel like I've been staked!"
Tara: "I'm sorry, Franklin. It's my fault. My head is all confused. Can you forgive me? It's not you I'm afraid of, it's this place. All the other vampires! They're the ones who scare me."
Franklin: "I'll never let them touch you. It's only you. They don't exist. It's only you."

"Will you be my vampire bride?"

Franklin: "What's the matter? Who made you cry? I'll kill him!"
Tara: "Nobody. It's only I'm hungry, and they brought me this. And I can't eat daylilies."
Franklin: "Tell Talbot we don't want his fucking flowers! And don't come back! She wants to be with me! God, you are sexy."
Tara: "We need to talk."
Franklin: "Don't say that. Women say that, everything goes black, and I wake up surrounded by body parts."
Tara: "Baby! No, no, it's okay. That's not where I'm going at all. Franklin, I'm into you. I mean, really into you."
Franklin: "Tara! ...Tara."
Tara: "But, if we're going to be together, you have to remember that I'm alive! I have needs. Like food!"
Franklin: "You're right, I'm ashamed."
Tara: "Nah, baby, it's just a thing. I'll remind you."
Franklin: "I can do better. Let me take you somewhere special for dinner."
Tara: "I would love that."
Franklin: "There's, uhm, a Shoney's in Vicksburg."
Tara: "Uh. Great."
Franklin: "We'll celebrate your last night as a human."
Tara: "What?"
Franklin: "I'm proposin'. I'm going to turn you. Will you be my vampire bride?"

"Why, you wicked little strumpet!"

Tara: "Where you been?"
Franklin: "Tara, I will not be policed."
Tara: "Of course not, I'm not pol- I just, I really missed you, Franklin. I couldn't wait for you to get back."
Franklin: "Really? I find that hard to believe. You haven't even noticed that I've shaved! I wanted to - I wanted to look nice for you. It's our wedding night tomorrow. By the way, your friend Sookie - she's been brought here."
Tara: "What is Russell going to do with her?"
Franklin: "Sooo... that means that my work for Russell is officially over, which means that you've got me all to yourself."
Tara: "Don't promise me something you can't deliver now. Untie me. Two hands are better than none."
Franklin: "Why, you wicked little strumpet!"
Tara: "I'm going to drink your blood tomorrow."
Franklin: "Oh, yes, you are."
Tara: "I want it now. I want the experience of being high on you while making love to you, knowing it's my last act as human. I want to have the most amazing sex any human can have. Before I give myself to you in death."
Franklin: "Kinky."
Tara: "Yeah. Fucked up. Crazy."
Franklin: "Oh, I'll go there."
Tara: "I bet you will."
Franklin: "Will you?"
Tara: "Bring it."
Franklin: "Bite me. Bite into my flesh, taste my blood, my sinew, my bones, open me up, taste me, drink me, FEED ON ME!"
Tara: "You don't have to ask me twice!"
Franklin: "Fuck, yeah! Kill me, kill me hard. Kill me."

"You have no idea what awaits you on the other side."

Tara: "Sookie. Sookie. Don't worry, Sookie, I'm going to get you out. Wait till the sun comes up. I'll find you. Be ready."
Sookie: "Tara?"
Tara: "Cuz we're gonna need all the luck in the world, but I'm gonna get us out of here. I'm not giving up without a fight."
Franklin: "You have no idea what awaits you on the other side. My beautiful bride. No more pain. No more fear. No more rules."

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